by Janet Panic

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released October 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Janet Panic Vancouver, British Columbia

Janet Panic’s new song release “Sweet Music” haunts the listener with deliciously sticky lyrics riding an ethereal groove.A polished and engaging performer,Ms Panic is earthy and unpretentious–drawing you onto her stage with raw charisma. But at the end of the day, the thing you will remember is the songs–and her name,(And yes, that's her real name!)" Most of What Follows is True..." drops 01/12 ... more

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Track Name: Sweet Music
Sweet music

I worked so hard to be standing here
Did more than a little bit of everything
I scrounged for every last cent
I borrowed everything that could be lent
That Is what I am here for
That is what I am geared for
That is what I am meant to do
Make sweet music fill the room

I‘ll take my place at the front of the line
It’s time you noticed it’s my turn to shine
I’ll take it all then I’ll choose
What is left I can’t use
Instead of trying I’ll be defining
What one woman can do
When she’s got her groove
What she can do to
Make sweet music fill the room

You’re not the first to see the problems with philosophy
Is all the time spent agreeing on the answers
People have lives to live, kids to have and love to give
That is why they mostly defind
And how bout you
What would you do
Make sweet music fill the room

In my mind your face is fading
Growing smaller as time stands still
I tug your hand I am tired of waiting
My life isn’t just some time to kill

- Janet Panic, Alexander Pruden
Track Name: Somewhere Warm
Somewhere warm
Some people get lost in the shuffle
Sometimes their lines disappear
Sometimes perfection not worth it
Sometimes the price is too dear
I don’t want to be perfect
I just want to be rich
Take my friends out shopping
Then take them all to the beach
Somewhere warm
I like to love night and morning
Close my eyes and I am near
All blood sweat lust love and longing
I feel my lines disappear
I don’t want to be humble
I just want to be great
Make people notice while the paparazzi waits
Somewhere warm

Then one night when the moon is out
So bright it begs you pay attention
You smile remembering that time when we all went
Somewhere warm
Somewhere warm